Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Little Sale

In honor of Fall Recruitment, The Embroidery Chick is welcoming back our Big Little Sale!

Short sleeve t-shirts are $15 each, crewneck sweatshirts are $25 each, and hooded sweatshirts are $30 each, when you buy two or more. You must purchase 2 of the same color combinations, but the sizes of the garment may be different!

Visit our website for more information on our "2 Packs"!

Also, to welcome in the Fall semester, we are also adding a bunch of super cute fabrics! And what's even better? Unlike the other sites, we don't charge extra for specialty fabrics!

Also- we have added a new sign-up for our newsletter! Don't forget to go to our homepage (in the left column) and sign up to receive our newsletter!

Stock up and save today!

Tracy Allen, The Embroidery Chick

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