Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greek Flip Flop Sale!

Hot Summer Special!

These super preppy flip flops are now on sale!!! Our Toegoz flipflops are made with a high-density sole and cushioned arch support designed for unparalleled comfort and durability making them an ideal choice of footwear for everyday use. Show off your letters in these chic monogrammed flip flops. Most houses have both the solid and polka dot print available...

Regularly priced $19.99-24.95 elsewhere! Get yours today for only $18.00 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

PLUS- for every new email address (valid and verified) that you send to me to be added to our newsletter, your name will be entered into the drawing to win a FREE pair of flip flops!!! Forward me your whole house list if you like!!! The more addresses you send, the better your odds of winning!!! Drawing ends 6/12/2009. Email me at to be entered!

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